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Sing Sing Kill

Sing Sing Kill Brewery

Branding, Environmental Design

Sing Sing Kill Brewery's was born out of desire to create a brewery that very much "of the place" it inhabited. That place is Ossining, NY. SSKB is committed to community, local NY ingredients, and supporting relationships between farmer and brewer.

SSKB needed a brand identity reflective of their local community; the "good," the "bad," and everything in between. Throughout this brand identity are various visual interpretations of the Sinck Sinck Native American tribe (from which the name "Sing Sing is derived), the Sing Sing Kill itself ("kill" is the dutch word for "river"), the double arches of the Old Croton Aqueduct, Maryknoll monastery & Sing Sing Correctional facility.


The logo was built to work alongside the main isometric illustration. It lies on the same planes, and is modular for flexible use throughout the brand identity.

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