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Beaut Display

Type Design

Spotted some deteriorating vinyl lettering on the glass window of a beauty salon in my old Brooklyn neighborhood. Loved the odd combination of curves and squared off edges throughout the letterforms. Like any type project I embark on, it was driven by my desire to use it in a project. So I used the photo as a reference and built out my character set from there. Still in progress, I'm working on completing the character set to included numbers and punctuation.

Georound Numbers

Type Design

Personal project. The goal was to create a set of display numerals within a strict set of geometric guidelines using only circles, vertical lines and horizontal lines.  

Madewell Script

Type Design

Madewell offers personalized embroidery for a selection of products on their website. They had a reference font they were hoping to use for customer previews, and for the embroidery itself, but it was not set up to be used digitally. I worked to create this font based on the reference, and given freedom to make it a mono-weight script. 

Rina Cursive

Type Design

This typeface stemmed from a quick lettering project I did years ago. The main idea was to create a simple upright cursive that would be versatile and useful as a display face. It is loosely based on the Palmer Method of penmanship, and named after my beautiful late grandmother, whose own striking handwriting was a wonderful reflection of her elegance and grace.